New Years Resolution in the works…

As I write this I am fulfilling my first new years resolution. That New Years Resolution was to write more.

What exactly is more? I am not sure yet but we will see where this resolution goes and what I can create through this blog. What I do know is that I wanna hear from you. What are you your goals? Resolutions? Do you not have any? Why?

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New Years Resolution in the works…

2 thoughts on “New Years Resolution in the works…

  1. Kapp says:

    I was listening to a podcast called “the fat burning man” by Abel James I believe his name is. Interesting guests and things about nutrition. I’m going to try and focus on try any many new foods as possible. Or species possible. Anything from solid meats to plants. Like tea or fruits or animals I normally don’t run across. Thought it would be an interesting way to diversify and more importantly understand what the hell I’m eating. Random side fact but did you know some places put schalakking (sp?) on some tomatoes to preserve them? And then people eat it. How fucked up is that.
    Ill def. Binge and have the unhealthy shit from time to time but my goal is to try and be more aware of what’s out there.

    Keep the posts coming Ill will!

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    1. That sounds like a very good resolution to make. Expanding those experiences through food, as well as other aspects of life, can be a very rewarding thing. I would also suggest looking at what foods your food is eating. I have read several articles about the benefits of eating grass fed beef compared to corn fed beef. Very interesting topic, nutrition.

      Here is an interesting article about the subject. This is just one of many that I have read.


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